Debt Free, Painlessly… in less than a year  that’s what we do for our clients

Win: Your Mortgage Paid For a Year

What will you do with the money?


Everyone has something they can't afford right now because of their mortgage. What's yours?

Tell us what you would do with the money if you didn’t have to pay your mortgage?

How good will Christmas be... knowing you have no mortgage to pay?

Your lifestyle instant improves when you no longer have to cover your mortgage. Feel what it’s like to be debt free.

You work 20 weeks a year to cover your mortgage... but only get 4 weeks holidays

Take this time back. You get to spend this money any way you please when you’re not working hard just to pay off your mortgage.

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Terms and Conditions

The inevitable fine print from the lawyers.

Only complete entries will be accepted into the competition and the judge’s decision is final.

Entries are for Australian residents with mortgages on Australian properties.

We will cover the monthly interest repayments on your personal home mortgage for a 12 month period. No penalty interest will be covered if you have a high interest rate due to past credit problems. To calculate your monthly interest repayments, we will take the standard variable rate of the big 4 banks, average them and then apply that to your mortgage balance (less any offset account).

The winner will be announces as the coolest Christmas present ever… 11 days before Christmas (and that’s my birthday FYI 😉


Money is, in some respects, like fire. It is a very excellent servant, but a terrible master.

P.T. Barnum